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FAQ | Student Housing

Will the USC Village housing be affordable enough to allow students to move out of non-university owned housing?
Student housing in the village will be priced at the same rate as on-campus housing. Additionally, the university provides housing packages for students that demonstrate financial need. Since this will be university-owned housing, financial aid packages will enable students to afford housing at the village.

Who owns the land? Is USC buying additional land?
USC owns the land that is being redeveloped into USC Village with one exception: Fire Station #15 on Jefferson Boulevard. We anticipate that the fire station operations will be relocated to another site nearby and the village will be built around and incorporate the historic fire station. USC does not need to buy additional land to build USC Village.

Will public funds be used for The Village at USC project?
Public funds will not be used for the project.

Will any neighborhood residents be relocated?
No. Only USC-owned student housing will eventually be demolished and replaced, and the university will provide for alternate student housing before demolition occurs.

Is the Jerry L. Terry Manor Senior Center part of the proposed development?
The senior center is shown in the Specific Plan boundary map but it is not included in USC’s development plans.

What will happen to the Fire Station?
The Los Angeles Fire Department has indicated a strong desire to move its Fire Station #15 operations to a different location nearby because the current station is small and access to Jefferson Boulevard is challenging for the department. USC is allocating funding to build a new, and upgraded, fire station off of Hoover Street.

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