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FAQ | Retail

What will be the price range of the shops and restaurants?
There will be a wide range high quality, affordable retail at USC Village so that all members of the community can shop and dine here. Previous studies on the project have shown that student customer price points and community member custom prices points are an extremely good match.

What will happen to the small businesses in the current University Village?
Many businesses that are in good standing will have an opportunity to relocate to USC Village. During the construction period, we hope that many of the businesses will temporarily relocate in the immediate area.

What retail will be in the new development?
We don’t know the exact retailers that will be located in USC Village yet, but we are very excited about the range and types of retailers that have expressed an interest in the village. We anticipate that there will be a mix of sit-down restaurants, shops, and service providers (dry cleaners, hair salons, shoe repair, etc.), as well as a food court, a grocery store, drugstore and other convenient services — all of the shops that you would want and expect in your community.

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