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FAQ | Traffic and Parking

How will Jefferson Boulevard be affected?
Jefferson currently has four travel lanes: two east bound, two west bound, and a center turn lane along portions of the street. These portions of Jefferson will remain unchanged. What will change is the removal of the limited metered street parking along portions of Jefferson in order to accommodate new on-street bicycle lanes and widened sidewalks. This will have the effect of narrowing Jefferson without eliminating any travel lanes. We will also add trees and lighting to encourage more pedestrian traffic on Jefferson.

Will the changes on Jefferson Boulevard create more traffic?
The changes will not create more traffic because only metered parking will be removed.

Will there be enough parking?
USC Village will have adequate underground parking to meet demand.

Will I have to pay for parking?
This depends on where you park and for how long. If you are visiting USC Village to shop or dine, you are not likely to be charged for parking. The parking at the village is designed to serve those visiting The village and not those attending classes at the university or living at the village. Parking for students attending classes and for residents of the village will be provided elsewhere on university property.

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