University of Southern California USC

Project Goals

Continued Community Engagement

  • Ensure that members of the community continue to be engaged and are given the chance to be involved in the planning process

Economic Development

  • Create 12,000 new jobs (4,000 construction-related, 8,000 permanent) throughout the university’s planned development area in a region facing high unemployment rates
  • Generate tax increment dollars that can be used by the city to buy down affordable housing covenants that are expiring and to support other redevelopment efforts
  • Generate substantial tax revenue through retail operations
  • Strengthen the economic vitality of the community and region by creating new jobs, technologies, and businesses through construction and new retail spaces


  • Provide new student housing north of Jefferson Boulevard, within walking distance of the main campus
  • Provide student and faculty housing to alleviate housing pressures on the neighborhoods west of Vermont and in North University Park


  • Transform the University Village into USC Village, a vibrant center that better meets the needs of the community
  • House a substantial portion of the university’s students in university-owned and operated housing to ensure that displacement of local residents is prevented and return more than 900 housing units previously occupied by students to the community
  • Ensure appropriate capacity of public facilities in the development
  • Provide a safe and secure environment for the community


  • To fulfill the university’s academic mission, USC Village would provide new and modern campus facilities including academic space, ample student housing units, open space, and retail amenities

Campus Development and Design

  • Create a safe, pedestrian-oriented village providing a welcoming environment that increases the quality of life for students and the community
  • Develop a mixed-use project with retail and housing that is complementary in character and compatible in scale


  • Promote a healthy environment that reduces vehicle use and emissions, conserves water and energy, and encourages recycling

Parking and Transportation

  • Concentrate new housing and retail near the major corridors of Jefferson Boulevard, Figueroa Street, and Vermont Avenue in close proximity to light rail, bus routes, and the center of campus to minimize vehicle trips and air pollution
  • Implement the city’s planned bicycle and pedestrian paths within the project area

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