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Creating a New, Vibrant Center for our Community

USC Village will be transformed into a vibrant, pedestrian-oriented and safe environment. It will include up to 350,000 square feet of community-serving retail, new student housing and academic space, and will increase the quality of life for students and the community.

The existing USC-owned regional shopping center, located on Jefferson Boulevard directly adjacent to USC’s University Park campus, is dated, has limited retail offerings, and needs to be replaced. As a part of USC’s plans to revitalize the area known as Subarea 3 (encompassing USC Village and the Cardinal Gardens and Century USC-owned student housing complexes), the center will be transformed into the USC Village.

USC Village will be a mixed-use urban revitalization project designed to create a community environment for all. All of the land for the proposed village is owned by the university, with the exception of the fire station site (Los Angeles Fire Department Station No. 15) on Jefferson Boulevard that is planned to be relocated nearby, as well as the Jessie L. Terry Manor senior housing center, which is not a part of the project area.

The heart of the village will include a new plaza that offers retail and entertainment uses such as a bookstore, restaurants, a neighborhood market, park-like green space, and other activities that enhance life in the surrounding community. USC Village will create a sense of place for the entire community.

USC Village will…

  • Create 12,000 new jobs (4,000 construction-related, 8,000 permanent) throughout the development area
  • Increase the amount of academic space per student to a level that better supports the academic excellence of the university
  • Substantially increase the amount of university-affiliated housing available in the campus area, free up traditionally non-student housing for local residents, decrease the commute time for university students, faculty and staff, and reduce traffic congestion in the area
  • Provide new services and offerings that meet the needs of students, faculty, staff and the community

Site Plan

Learn more about the historical development of the UPC physical campus.

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